PLD is a home design and construction company serving Chicago's premier housing markets. Our clients come to us with ideas about building a house that conforms to their lifestyle. We offer full service in the design and construction of custom-crafted luxury and single-family homes.

Inspiration comes in many forms, when you aspire to create the home that perfectly suits you. Every detail must be considered. Our design flow is to record your ideas, process and organize them, and return them to you for refinement. That is iteration. When a design is ready, we make all of the arrangement. That is preparation.

PLD specializes in complete construction of unique homes and residential renovations. Our services begin pre-build: research and site acquisition, architecture, zoning and permits. We are your complete construction managers. We coordinate and oversee every step of the build thru post-completion.

Collaboration is the strategy. Coordination and Organization are the methods. We are dedicated to the idea that building a home should be a wholly positive and exciting experience.