Style. Simplicity. Elegance. These are the qualities that define our homes. They contribute to the elements of peace and comfort we all seek where we live.

Designing your own home is a most rewarding endeavor.Our work is to guide you in finding all the possibility and potential of your home.

Our goal during the design phase if to facilitate explorations in styles, locations, materials, and includes visits to galleries, showrooms, and existing homes. We also look at global styles, and seek inspiration from emerging trends in architecture and home design.

Structures. They hold us together. They define the space within. They are the very frame of our existence.

Building is a collaboration. At PLD, we bring together the many hands that move a design into production, and a production into a finished product.

Industry Standards do not apply to our work. There is no industrial home. Our standards must exceed your own, in all elements of the build. We call that craftsmanship.

We take designs through complete formation, from the bureaucratic to the pragmatic: drafts, permits, materials handling, and contracting. We are familiar with the practical matters of undertaking a custom construction. Development strategies are the core of our business.

You'll work with us directly to craft a vision for you home. We, in turn, will then analyze it with regard to the conditions of the environment and market. We are realistic about expectations and forthright about budgets.

Construction proceeds along well a ordered time-line, because we analyze and prepare for every step. Our building managers maintain precise control over build schedules. By staying organized ahead of the schedule, there are no surprises.

The project is not complete until all elements have received their finishing touches, and have been fully appraised, down to every door-hinge. Quality is uniform. Post-construction is as much a part of the project as all other steps. We ensure our works lives up to every promise.